Vacations in Mexico 1972-1973

San Carlos, Catch 22 Beach, Guaymas, Kino Bay, Punta Chueca, Hermosillo

(These are scanned images originally taken on a cheap camera; apologize for lack of quality.)

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Behind Catch 22 Beach

Gia, Leslie, Christine

Catch 22 Beach

Kids, Leslie & Frank

Organ Pipe Cactus

These pictures are all from "Catch 22 Beach"
in Sonora, Mexico

Those above were taken in June, 1972

Those to the right were taken in June 1973



Mike Bonando

The rest of the pictures were taken in August, 1973 in Sonora, Mexico.

Frank, Kino Bay, Caverna del Seri Restaurant & Bar


By the village of
Punta Chueca

The next 7 photos are on the road to Punta Chueca, a Seri Indian village near Kino Bay.


Next 5 Pictures are Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico and the Valle Grande Hotel


The following pictures are in the San Carlos Bay and Guaymas areas of Sonora Mexico.

Frank & Judy at San Carlos Bay

Miramar Guaymas

Playa de Cortez Guaymas

Row above and below, these are views of the Posada Triana Hotel on San Carlos Bay

The rest of the pictures are at San Carlos Bay.


Picture on the right is Tiburon Island.


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