My House in Mayan Seaside, Consejo Village, Belize


Here is a new pic of the house showing the deck the guys just finished (5/06).

Here is the deck inside with the borrowed table/chairs.

Okay, just so ya know -- I do have an ocean view from my deck....

Here is Joel Ake, my contractor, with the finished deck.

Front of House. You can see I ran out of white concrete primer; the store also ran out.
Hope they get more next week so I can finish!

This is how it looks from beside the front porch.

You can see where they will be starting my new screened deck (20' by 12'). Can't wait.

Here's the front deck.

Here's the living room, standing in front of the bathroom, looking toward the front deck.

Here you can see "Johana's" painting.

I musta shook the camera cuz this is a bit out of focus; anyway, it's the kitchen.

Here's my bedroom.

Roatan OnLine

The tiny bathroom.

Here's my trusty Amigo that got us from San Antonio to Belize. Yeah, it deserves a bath.