Visit with Charlotte to Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge,
Honduras June 2005

This little restaurant just off the highway between La Ceiba
and Tela is where you get the narrow gauge train
that takes you to the refuge

And here we are on the train!

Looking north up the track. I believe this is the only
way to get to the park office. Some people
use it to get back and forth to work.

View southeast from the train

Looking out the back

Charlotte and Me

Visitor Center (photo courtesy

Riding in our boat through this very large park, there is absolutely nothing
to suggest "modern" life -- it seems like it probably looked
the same hundreds and hundreds of years ago.

There is a turtle on a rock right in the middle.

Charlotte of the Jungle

Our Tour Guide Crew

When you look at these photos that are mostly trees, you might
be able to see monkeys and large birds.


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