Banana Bank Lodge

January-February 2009 with Barb & Dick Shubert

The building where we Stayed. I was on the 2nd Floor, Left; Barb & Dick on the 3rd Floor Right

This is the Fancy Bed in my room.

One of the "outside the box" bathtubs.

One of Banana Bank's Cocatiels

The Blue Gold Macaw Hanging Upside Down

This garden was next to my room.

Front View of the Garden shown Above.

This is Banana Bank's Pool - the shallow part has river rocks on the bottom and it's gorgeous.

The stairs from my room; path leads to the animals and the restaurant is off to the right.

Banana Bank is known for horseback riding and this is the stable.

This is one of the Banana Bank Monkeys having a snack.

The monkey swinging around the tree entertaining himself and us.

Banana Bank's Panther (Leopard?) snoozing on a tree.

Looks like she wants her tummy scratched!

You can just see the panther (leopard) peeking through the foliage.

Most people do not know Banana Bank has most of its property used for farming.

Here are Dick, Barbara, and John looking at the beans.

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