Short Trip to Guatemala to Renew Honduras Visa

July 1996

This and the next 3 pictures are "roof views" from our downtown Guatemala City hotel. You can see
some of the 7 volcanos in the background.

When we left Guatemala City, our bus ended in the small town of Chiquimula, all the following photos. We spent the night there and got another bus to the border town of El Florido next morning. From there across into Honduras to Copan Ruinas, was the real adventure, and, you guessed it, no photos. We ended up hiring a pickup truck to take us as we had missed the last bus of the day. As soon as the truck appeared for us, about twenty other people appeared out of nowhere and got aboard. We ended up riding in the back, standing up, for a 14 km ride that took almost two hours, due to poor road conditions. There is now a very nice highway, but it was a rugged dirt road in the summer of 1996.

This park is across the street from our hotel. Picture taken from our balcony.

Our hotel. We stayed upstairs with a tiny, but usable, balcony.

Little restaurant next to our hotel.

The girls working in the little restaurant.

Another view of the Park.

Food ladies working nearby.

Church a block from the hotel


Another building near our hotel.


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